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Dougal Bennett

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Dougal Bennett

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Business Services

Dougal Bennett joined Dunedin in 1999. He is responsible for Dunedin’s direct origination programme and also sits within the Business Services team. He is focussed upon high growth companies that operate in market areas supporting cyber security, the use of data in support of the built environment and the drive for decarbonisation.

What is your background?

I worked for Hill Samuel Development Capital in London before joining Bank of Scotland in the structured finance department where I was a Director. I then joined Société Générale in 1997 as Head of the European Leverage Finance team before joining Dunedin.

What excites you about working with a management team?

Each new investment brings the chance to work with a new management team on a fresh set of challenges and opportunities. This is a job where we can apply the experience gained over many years to help make the right decisions to drive positive and value creating outcomes. New management teams mean new personalities and new learning – this is a job where one never stops learning!

What challenges should Entrepreneurs be aware of when considering private equity

Private Equity likes structure and process, which many entrepreneurs do not! The good PE practitioners know this and work hard to communicate this early; and get entrepreneurs to ‘buy-in’ to the benefits of making such changes within a business as it grows in size and complexity. This approach ensures confident investment and strategic decisions can be made quickly on the back of sound data.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Never put an unlit firework in your pocket!!

What gets you out of bed at the weekend?

A long list of things to be done – walking the dog, checking the vegetable patch, catching fish, cutting up logs!
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