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Putting the right people in place to meet fast-growing demand

By Dunedin,  November 03,2017

FRA is an international consultancy that provides forensic accounting, data analytics and e-discovery expertise, helping businesses respond to regulatory investigations in an increasingly regulated global environment.


Business Services



Ensuring successful expansion for FRA meant helping to accelerate its recruitment drive for talented people around the world, particularly in the US. This was the only way the business would meet ever-increasing client demand.

The opportunity

With growth in demand intensifying, FRA could confidently put expansion plans into practice – and attract high calibre expertise. We helped by getting directly involved in the sourcing and selection process, and filling some of the company’s most senior positions. These included a Chairman with global consulting and private equity experience.

Beyond this recruitment support, we’ve worked alongside FRA to develop reporting and management information that meet the needs of a fast-growing international business. We’ve also helped the company manage its exposure to foreign exchange rates for cross-border client engagements.

Our input has also included identifying advisers to help manage direct and indirect tax implications for FRA and its clients. We have also introduced FRA to industrialists from our network for potential client service projects.

Working together

As soon as we started working with FRA, a strong rapport grew between our team and the company’s management. Our experience in the international professional sector meant we gained an understanding, quickly and thoroughly, of the specific challenges facing the business at this point in its development. Also, visits to FRA’s Providence, London and Paris offices further developed our relationship with its founders and management.

Looking ahead

FRA now works on some of the largest and most complex regulatory investigations globally. Its clients are typically blue-chip multinational corporates seeking advice to help navigate regulatory scrutiny, effect compliant cross-border data transfer, and manage risk. The company has offices in London, Providence (Rhode Island), New York, Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Paris, Helsinki, Stockholm and Zurich.

Frequently recognised as a leading authority in its niche, FRA is seeing demand for its services grow more and more as regulation and enforcement increase globally. Strong relationships with the in-house legal counsel at corporate clients, and with referring law firms, open up new business opportunities – which FRA is well placed to take advantage of, with its excellent reputation for independence and integrity with regulatory bodies.

“We are excited to be working in partnership with Dunedin, who we felt had a strong understanding of our business as well as complementary team dynamics. Dunedin has a great track record of working with businesses such as ours, and we are confident that they will support us to achieve our growth ambitions, while retaining our independence.”
Frances McLeod, Founding Partner, FRA

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