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Expanding into Europe and beyond

By Dunedin,  June 20,2019

Acquis Insurance Management (“Acquis") is an independent insurance broker and administrator that provides specialist solutions to the finance and leasing industry


Niche Financial Services



Acquis is a UK and European market leader in insurance for leased equipment. It currently operates in thirteen countries across Europe. Blue-chip clients include Investec Asset Finance, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, Siemens Financial Services, Société Générale Equipment Finance and Deutsche Leasing.

The Opportunity

Acquis’ financial performance, management team and IT platform are all materially stronger than its competitors.  The business has taken significant market share in recent years, delivering consistent organic growth and high margins.

Acquis is growing its team and expanding into new markets, particularly across Europe where the business has already opened an office in the Netherlands. Acquis is also investing in developing new products to meet a broader range of client needs.

Working together

Oliver Bevan was introduced to CEO Nick Leader through his financial services network and built a close relationship with him prior to Dunedin’s investment. We were impressed by Nick and his team, as well as the strong culture in the business.

We have helped to drive the recruitment plan in the business, including a Chief Commercial Officer, Heads of Marketing, HR, Legal & Compliance and a Financial Controller. Other departments such as Client Management and Business Development have been built out to prepare the business for further growth over the next five years. We also introduced a new Chairman who brought experience from AXA, Prudential and RAC.

Looking ahead

We see huge potential for the growth of the business, particularly as it expands further into Europe and beyond by organic growth and selective acquisitions. Acquis is already the clear UK and European leader in its niche and is well placed to build on its position at the forefront of this fast-growing market.

The leasing of green technology such as electric vehicle chargers and solar panels are proving to be interesting new areas for growth and the business has a strong pipeline of new opportunities, including many sourced through international partners.

Although Europe is currently the core market, the business is also considering other markets such as Asia, Australia and the USA.

“Our partnership with Dunedin gives us the extra firepower to accelerate the company’s international expansion plans, as well as additional funding to invest in new products  or our clients. With significant experience in the insurance space, the Dunedin team really understands our business; they bring a powerful combination of expertise and funding that will enable us to take Acquis to the next level.” 
Nick Leader, CEO, Acquis

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