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Insuretech pioneer Dinghy named one of the UK's most disruptive businesses

By Dunedin,  October 09, 2019

Insuretech pioneer Dinghy has been named one of the UK's 50 most disruptive businesses by D/SRUPTION magazine

InsurTech provider Dinghy, which was acquired by Dunedin-backed Kingsbridge Group in January 2019, has been named as one of the UK’s 50 most disruptive businesses by D/SRUPTION magazine, in partnership with Hotwire. The Disruption50 Index 2019 celebrates businesses that are innovating and leading the way in a rapidly changing world.

Dinghy successfully launched the first ever on-demand Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance cover, aimed at freelance professionals in the media and creative industries.  As well as PI cover, Dinghy also offers equipment cover, public liability and legal expenses through a website that delivers a step-change improvement in how insurance products are bought and serviced. Customers are charged by the second, based on usage, and can flex their insurance cover up, down, on and off through an online service area or the App.

With Dunedin’s support, the business was acquired in January 2019 by Kingsbridge, a leading provider of specialist insurance services to contractors, freelancers and the recruitment industry, as part of its proactive growth strategy.  Dunedin backed the buyout of Kingsbridge in June 2016.

Oliver Bevan, a Partner at Dunedin who sits on the Board of Kingsbridge, commented: “Many congratulations to the team at Dinghy on being named as one of the UK’s most innovative and disruptive businesses.   Dinghy is playing a pioneering role in revolutionising a traditional industry where consumers with changing needs are demanding a different approach to insurance.”

He added: “At Dunedin, we increasingly work with our investee companies to develop innovative technology that will enhance their levels of service and capability. Dinghy exemplifies this, using technology as a means to serve its customers better.”

Dinghy CEO Dorian Zanker said; “To be named in the Top 50 most disruptive UK businesses and, in fact, the highest-ranking insurance business is a real credit to the team and the vision we have for Dinghy. With its provision of short-term insurance cover, all delivered through an easy-to-use App, Dinghy is empowering a disenfranchised segment of the workforce to have access to insurance to protect themselves and their lifestyles.”

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