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Graeme Murray

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Graeme Murray

+44 (0)7813 138 367

Graeme joined Dunedin in 1996. His responsibilities include managing the accounting, compliance and company secretarial functions of Dunedin and Dunedin's clients.

What is your background?

I qualified as a chartered accountant in 1990 with Chiene & Tait. I subsequently spent three years with KPMG Peat Marwick and a further three years with Scottish Widows.

Can you tell me what you think is special about Dunedin?

The teamwork and quality of people combined with a flat decision-making structure makes for an effective and responsive operation.

What does the best working relationship feel like between management teams and private equity?

A clear set of goals established from the outset which are re-visited regularly and align with both parties overall objectives. 

What is the best advice you have ever received?

A problem shared is a problem halved.  Always be open and honest with those you are working with.

What gets you out of bed at the weekend?

Being hauled out of bed by the barks of two hungry spaniels! I enjoy skiing, golf and squash.

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