We are a leading UK mid-market private equity provider. People are at the heart of our business and relationships are core to what we do.  We will always give you an honest opinion and once we have committed we will deliver on our promises. We are able to identify potential and therefore don’t expect the businesses in which we invest in to be perfectly formed from the outset.  We listen to where management want to go and combine our mutual expertise to create value and deliver exceptional returns. 

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What we look for

  • Businesses with an enterprise value of £20m-£100m
  • Buyouts requiring equity of up to £60m
  • Ambitious and talented management teams
  • UK businesses with strong organic, roll-out or acquisition opportunities

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Case study

Caledonian Building Systems

We worked with the management team to identify and pursue new market opportunities resulting in landmark contract wins with HM Prison Service. This investment returned a money multiple of 5.8 times, which equates to an IRR of 110% over two and a half years.

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What people say about us

  • "We are very excited to have Dunedin joining the team which will enable EV to further grow its business around the world and add EV to the list of the UK’s world class oilfield service companies."

    Francis Neill

    CEO, EV Offshore

  • "The Dunedin team quickly got to grips with the fundamental drivers of our business and worked extremely hard to complete this deal."

    Patrick Gallagher

    Chief Executive, CitySprint

  • "Dunedin has provided genuine strategic input and support in to the development of the business. They're also really good people to deal with. As a house, they do more than just write the investment cheque. I'd recommend Dunedin to anyone needing equity."

    Nick Dilworth

    Managing Director, Practice Plan

  • "Dunedin has been unstinting in working with us to drive through value at Hawksford. They committed a huge amount of time to the business, far beyond our expectations."

    Peter Murley

    Executive Director, Hawksford International

  • "I've worked with Dunedin for over four years now and I like their professional, can do and supportive approach. They add significant value in their own areas of expertise and let the management team get on with running the business day to day"

    Alastair Stewart

    Managing Director, etc.venues

  • "We liked the Dunedin approach from the start and they delivered on everything that they committed to in a tight timescale."

    Iain McGilvray

    Managing Director, Weldex

  • "Dunedin supported us all the way and helped us to make some major strategic decisions, in particular in terms of new market penetration and the maximisation of shareholder value."

    Dave Turnbull

    Managing Director, Caledonian

  • "Dunedin has supported Capula throughout the investment, forming a close relationship with the team to help develop a clear strategic vision for the business."

    Roger Turner

    Chief Executive, Capula

  • "Besides the excellent chemistry between management and investor, they got the exact right balance of supporting the team and conscientious monitoring of the investment and always done with good humour."

    Duncan Murray

    Managing Director, Celtic Inns

  • "Dunedin worked in partnership with the management team to secure the turnaround and growth of the business. Without their support the successful exit could not have been achieved."

    Kevin Wilson

    Chief Executive, Gardner

  • "Dunedin already had an in-depth understanding of our sector which allowed them to see the potential of a strong roll-out strategy. They worked closely with us to create value and then realise that value by a successful flotation on AIM."

    Keith Rogers

    Managing Director, Goals

  • "The team demonstrated a real understanding of our business early in the process and impressed us with their innovative approach to deal structuring. They added significant value through the introduction of high calibre non-executives and strategic guidance."

    Gary Burke

    Managing Director, Home and Legacy

  • "Dunedin recognised the potential of our business and was quick to support us in our management buyout. They showed great confidence in us by backing a transforming acquisition within a year of the buyout and continued that support all the way through to exit."

    Gordon Presly

    Group Managing Director, Letts Filofax

  • "They were the absolute standout of the people we spoke to. They were easy to deal with, thorough and straightforward. I liked their commerciality and they understood the business. They were open and honest and acted with complete integrity."

    Andrew Cope

    Chief Executive, Zenith

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