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Nicol Fraser

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Nicol Fraser

+44 (0)20 7292 2110

Business Services , TMT

Nicol Fraser joined Dunedin in 2001. He has overall responsibility for Dunedin's New Investment Team and represents Dunedin directly on the Board of Weldex. Nicol has led investments across Businesses Services, Industrial Services and TMT.

What is your background?

I qualified as a chartered accountant with Tenon in 1991, joined the corporate recovery team and subsequently qualified as an Insolvency Practitioner in 1996. I joined Bridgepoint in 1996, where I gained experience of buyouts throughout the UK.

What does the best working relationship feel like between management teams and private equity?

The best relationships are built on trust and shared goals. This leads to open and regular communication whether there is good or bad news to share. This takes time to foster and it is important to spend both work and social time together to develop this – that is also the fun bit.

What excites you about working with a management team?

We are in the very privileged position to have the opportunity to work with very talented and dynamic management teams.  We are collectively faced with a huge variety of challenges but working through the issues together and achieving shared success is hugely exciting.

What challenges should Entrepreneurs be aware of when considering private equity?

Private equity should be about much more than providing equity finance for a deal. The chosen private equity partner should be able to assist the business in achieving its goals. Therefore, the initial choice an entrepreneur makes of who to partner with at the outset is crucial and should be referenced carefully.

Describe a societal challenge you have been inspired to support?

At Dunedin we support a number of charities close to our hearts but for me, a level playing field on education for all, irrespective of background, is a societal challenge that inspires me.
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