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Jessica Hardy

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Jessica Hardy

+44 (0)7525 591 907

Niche Financial Services

Jessica joined Dunedin in 2014. She is part of Dunedin's investment team which sources and transacts deals across the UK and was involved in the buyouts of Kingsbridge and GPS. She previously represented Dunedin on the CitySprint Board.

What is your background?

After graduating, I joined Accenture's Strategy Practice, specialising in the UK Utilities and Global Resources industries. I worked on a range of projects, principally focused on optimising client's contracting and procurement processes and developing strategic plans in response to changing market dynamics.

Can you tell me what you think is special about Dunedin?

The people! I genuinely respect and admire my colleagues and we all manage to have fun together on a daily basis. Dunedin, along with its portfolio companies, operates as a true partnership in every sense of the word. We are there for each other to celebrate in the good times and lend a hand in the bad.

What does the best working relationship feel like between management teams and private equity?

In my experience, the best working relationships come where there is trust. This is built over time and aided by open, honest and sometimes frank conversations.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Hard to say what the best advice I’ve ever been given is. I’ve been given a lot of great advice. Some that spring to mind are (please forgive the clichés):
- Never stop being curious
- You should focus on developing your strengths not your weaknesses
- Be brave - you tend to regret what you didn’t do more than what you did

What gets you out of bed at the weekend?

I love to host, and seem to be constantly cooking for friends and family. Other than that, I love playing squash and tennis (and have even been known to play in a thunderstorm)!

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