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Organic growth

How we can help

Do you think your business might not be fulfilling its full potential? If there’s an opportunity to grow organically, we’ll help you find it – and make the most of it.

We see value where others might not, and understand how to realise the full potential of a business. If we believe your company has promise, we follow up that belief. Our input can make a significant, measurable difference to your business – perhaps by improving operational efficiencies, putting the right KPIs in place to carry out your strategy, or creating the best team for the next stage of growth. Or our contribution could be in more specific areas – such as updating your IT systems or developing your HR processes.
Whatever our involvement, it’s all backed by the insights, confidence and experience of our own investment team and our network of industrial and professional advisors. If there’s anything standing in the way of your organic growth, we’ll help you overcome it.

Who we’ve helped

Alpha has a unique culture that helps the business recruit and retain highly qualified, experienced staff. Our support for its growth included expanding its team of consultants, finding a new Financial Director, introducing potential clients, and sourcing and reviewing potential acquisitions.  

Seeing great potential for growth, we worked closely with Kingsbridge to help develop strategy, enhance the management team and improve operational efficiency. Our support also included growing the company’s partner referral network, and investing in a new IT system to help the firm’s operations keep pace with its increasing size.
Since investing in EV in June 2014, we’ve worked with the company and advisors to define its strategy and Full Potential Plan. Our involvement has included helping make several senior appointments and guiding an important acquisition.
  “We chose to work with Dunedin as we feel our respective cultures are well aligned and they have a proven track record of working with ambitious businesses in the financial services sector.”
Euan Fraser, Global CEO, Alpha

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