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Dunedin sponsors the Megabuyte50 Banking and Insurance Software Award

By Dunedin,  November 21, 2016

Awards recognise the best performing privately owned technology businesses in the UK

Dunedin is pleased to be sponsoring the award for “Best performing company in banking and insurance software” at The Megabuyte50 Awards 2016, which recognise the best performing privately owned technology businesses in the UK.

The megabuyte50 awards are published annually and rank the performance of privately-owned, mid-market companies in the UK's Software and ICT Services sectors. Compiled using Megabuyte's proprietary Megabuyte Scorecard methodology, the rankings examine performance against seven key financial KPIs. Megabuyte's awards differ from other growth awards in the superior rigour of their financial analysis and their specific focus on pure-breed technology companies and are widely regarded as an influential sector benchmarking reference.

Megabuyte is a highly respected independent research provider tracking the corporate and financial affairs of some 600 of the UK's key public and private companies in the ICT Services and Software sectors. The 50 best performers will be announced at an event on Monday 21st November in London.

Nicholas Hoare, Partner at Dunedin, comments:

“Dunedin is actively looking to invest in innovative UK businesses from the financial services, business services and industrials sectors that have enabling technology at their core. It is these businesses that have the capability to be disruptive and truly differentiate themselves as sector leaders. For this reason, we are proud to be sponsoring a category at the awards to celebrate privately owned businesses that are not only technologically innovative but are also excelling in their markets. We look forward to congratulating the award winners.”

Dunedin backs UK companies with an enterprise value of £20 million - £100 million, helping them to internationalise and access foreign markets.

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