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Dunedin congratulates top UK exporters in Manufacturing Awards

By Dunedin,  February 14, 2014

Dunedin celebrates top manufacturing exporters

Over the last seven months, Dunedin has worked with EEF, the manufacturer’s organisation, to identify UK manufacturers that have excelled in exporting; as part of the fifth annual EEF Future Manufacturing Awards.  The national winners were announced at a ceremony in London on 30 January 2014.

Manufacturing is a key sector for Dunedin, which looks to invest in strong UK businesses with the potential to grow internationally.

Dougal Bennett, partner of Dunedin, commented: "Dunedin's decision to sponsor these awards underlines our commitment to investing in the UK manufacturing sector. Over the last ten years we have worked closely with, and successfully exited, a range of manufacturing-led organisations such as Fernau, WFEL & Gardner Group, which we were able to help grow and internationalise. Our current portfolio includes four manufacturing businesses - Formaplex, Weldex, Premier Hytemp and Kee Safety  - all of which possess specialist skills or products and have developed strong sales in export markets.  With our new £300m fund now in place, we are actively looking to make further investments in the manufacturing sector and believe that 2014 will offer considerable opportunity for growth.

“Our expectation is that 2014 will see an increased number of private equity backed investments and exits in the manufacturing sector.  This is in line with the EEF’s view that decent demand outlook at home and steady expansion in overseas markets should underpin growth prospects for manufacturers this year.

“We believe that UK manufacturing represents some of the best talent in the world.  For example, global demand for new  aircraft and engines made 2013 one of the most successful years on record for UK aerospace manufacturers and aircraft deliveries are expected to increase by a further 6% in 2014.  Similarly, UK car production hit a six-year high in 2013, boosted by a 22% increase in UK sales of British built cars and the industry expects to smash official growth forecasts this year.  As a result, we think that M&A interest in UK manufacturing assets from overseas buyers is likely to continue to be strong.

“Dunedin has worked closely with EEF to recognise excellence in export growth across the UK through these awards.  We would like to congratulate the winners for their outstanding achievements and we commend all those businesses that put themselves forward for consideration."

The Future Manufacturing Awards are now in their fifth year, offering manufacturers and apprentices from across the UK the opportunity to showcase their achievements across seven different award categories: business growth, people and skills, innovation, export, health and safety, environment and education.

National winners:

1. Chas A. Blatchford & Sons – National Winner of the Winner of Winners Award

Chas A. Blatchford & Sons is a manufacturer of prosthetic and orthotic products based in Basingstoke.
The company also won the Export Growth Award and the Smart Product Award.

2.  Pai Skin Care Ltd - Joint National Winner of the Export Development Award

Pai Skin Care Ltd is an organic skincare products manufacturer based in Acton.

3.  Trolex Ltd - Joint National Winner of the Export Development Award

Trolex Ltd is a manufacturer of gas detection and safety systems for mining and tunnelling, based in Stockport

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