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Investment Strategy


Our firm's ethos is to work pro-actively with management teams to identify and support new routes to growth, in order to deliver for our investors. In pursuing our strong growth strategy, we seek to support niche businesses with a genuine excellence at their core, whether that is expertise, technology, the product or the team. Dunedin brings operational and financial support to the management teams with which we partner.

Our core sectors are:


Dunedin backs best-in-class, UK headquartered businesses, often with a very strong international presence. 70% of our current fund revenues are international and our portfolio has a global footprint. 


Origination is at the heart of everything we do. We run a relentless, methodical process of direct and intermediated lead generation, with the investment team having sector and geographic responsibilities. All new hires into our investment team start in Origination where two Partners have oversight of the dedicated team. Our in-depth work in our core sectors and subsectors gives us the ability to move quickly and decisively, to rapidly understand sector movement and key drivers.

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